Bringing people together

SKA Reider rethinks municipality communication
to attract, inform and engage residents.

SKA Reider reinvents how municipalities communicate. This all-in-one interactive solution has been designed especially for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to support cities in their digital transformation.

Communicate efficiently

SKA Reider is your best tool for timely communication of legal publications (e-reider), road closures, local events, public health announcements and way more.

Simplify Communication

Take control over distributing your content in real time. Assign access rights to different departments, allowing them to share their messages independently.

Save time & money

Skip the paper. Control your communications easily, remotely, quickly. Start with our pre-built modules, add your content, deploy and voilà!

Promote your town

Whether for residents or tourists passing through your town, SKA Reider lets you promote local businesses, agenda, events, sports and leisure activities.

Welcoming tourists

Display localized information, such as  nearby activities, tourist sites, shops, hotels, and cultural offerings, enhancing tourists experience.

Enhance citizen interaction

Strengthen bonds with residents, using touch-screen totems to access information and gather feedback through surveys.

Customizable & scalable

Customize with your identity, adapt functionalities to your needs and manage as many interactive totems as you want.

Improve safety & awareness

Provide real-time information during emergencies, traffic incidents, and critical events, ensuring residents are informed.

Analytics + Feedback

Get real-time usage analytics and build surveys to gather resident opinions on certain subjects before taking decisions.

SKA Reider

Your interactive communication hub.


SKA Reider

SKA is our no-code solution designed to build, deploy and monitor your interactive communications on the totems. Control all your contents from a single place.


55” interactive outdoor totem

Premium outdoor interactive totem made in France and built to last. Finishing and customization available on request. On-site installation by CK Charles Kieffer Group.

This is ska reider

Meet your everyday copilot.


Our solution is designed for everyone, easy to use and powerful. You can easily turn your ideas into reality without writing a single line of code.


There's no software to install: SKA is accessible directly from any web browser. That means you can work from the office, from home or wherever else.


Our software platform is based on ready-to-use modules. Bring your ideas to SKA and populate the layout with these modules. Ready? Deploy!


Powered by Microsoft Azure, SKA Server enables you to push the right content at the right place and time, through the cloud. From anywhere.

Live Analytics

Go from data to decisions with our reporting tool. Monitor precisely the impact of your communications thanks to our dashboard. Every data table and graphes are exportable in a single click.


Your data is secured and hosted on a dedicated cloud server. You keep total control over your content, user access and publications. You can also publish differentiated content on your displays.

How it works

Build. Deploy. Monitor.

Build your content

Turn your ideas into reality in a glimpse with our Designer tool powered by a full range of pre-built configurable modules.

Deploy on screens

Your content is sent to the cloud server before being redistributed to your totems all across the town. You’re done!

Measure results

As soon as your content is broadcast, you get usage statistics in real time. SKA provides statistics over a rolling 30-day period too.

Communication made easy

Build with modules

Building your internal communications is now easy as 1-2-3 with our ever-growing range of modules. Create effective and engaging contents simply. Without writing a single line of code. Technical considerations fully disappear behind an intuitive interface making SKA a tool for everyone.


Give your residents the chance to have their say, gathering their opinions on critical subjects and/or before making certain decisions. In quiz mode, you can deliver a specific end message based on the result. Real-time statistics available.


List of all your upcoming events to remember, organized into categories. For each event: image, description, QR Code to register & more.

Media Gallery

An amazing way to bring employees together. Create photo and/or video galleries to bring to life your company's most memorable moments, such as incentives, gala evenings, sporting events and more.

Job Board

Give visibility to internal job and/or internship offers. Ads are classified by category and can be filtered by contract type.


Display the latest posts from your social medias – such as X and Instagram – in real time. A very good way to boost your engagement and accounts growth.


Display a countdown timer and reminder on your start screen for the important dates and events to remember.


Build your interactive map with switchable POIs for various topics such as public transports with real-time timetables, charging stations and your very own points of interests.


WP Reider + WP News · If your website is based on Wordpress, we can sync and automate the updates of your totems with your latest News and E-Reider content.


Weather widget for your start screen to provide your audience with the local forecast.


Get an instant preview of your route just by entering your destination and departure points. The map gives access to real-time Luxembourg's motorways cameras


Your official publications organized into categories and downloadable. E-Reider can be sync with your Wordpress website for automatized updates.


List of nearby pharmacies with their contact information. Duty pharmacies are listed first.


A listing of all the members of your administration with portrait, biography, social links, contact info. An excellent way to create proximity with the residents.

News Feed

Choose a media and that's it! The module will automatically display the news feed, allowing employees to read articles in their entirety on their mobile. The feed refreshes automatically in real time.

PDF Reader

Build PDF libraries with categories or publish single / multipage documents to read and download on mobile.

News ticker

Put important information into the spotlight with headlines that run horizontaly along your start screen.


Several games are available: Checkers, Mission IV and Memory, that can be customized with your own visuals.

Flip Card

An excellent way to tease out information and engage your audience. When clicked, this card flips over to reveal its B side.


Monetise your available screen space with promotional content. You can schedule your campaigns.


New modules are added on a regular basis. We can also integrate SKA Reider with your in-house services.

Take Control

From here to everywhere.

SKA Reider allows you to control your totems remotely, all across the city. Schedule your publications and deliver contextualized contents depending on the location of your totems.

Beautiful Modules

Endless possibilities with ads, agenda, instagram, media gallery, survey & more


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